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Del's Little Man

Year: 197

The picture above comes from the first directory that was put out by the International Miniature Horse Registry, which merged with AMHA in later years, in the late 1970s or early '80s.  The picture shows how small Little Man really was, as he is straddled by his original owner, Delmer Moody.  Del Moody is the breeder or original owner of all the horses that you see with the "Del's" prefix.

Little Man was one of his favorite stallions and one of the best he had. Vern Brewer bought Little Man in the mid-80s and he lived in Gainesville, Texas, until he died in 1984.

He is the sire of Del's Benny (Reserve National Champion 32 to 34" Stallion in 1989) and W.C.'s Mr. Lucky (Reserve National Champion Under 28" in 1994).

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