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American Miniature Horse:
A horse measuring 34 inches or less at the withers that meets all requirements for registration with the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA).

Blemish: Injury or imperfection that does not affect the horse's service ability.

Bred: Mated.

Breeder: The owner or lessee of the dam at the time of service.

Broodmare: A mare that has been mated and is used to produce foals.

Certificate of Registration: Issued by the American Miniature Horse Association, it is the legal title certifying a horse has met all requirements for registration with AMHA. The Certificate lists pedigree of the horse, its registration number, the signature of the AMHA Registrar, the Association's seal, the color of the horse, a written description of all markings, a photograph of the horse, the breeder and all ownership information.

Colt: A male horse, four-years-old or younger.

Conformation: The physical structure of the horse.

Cryptorchid: An ungelded male horse of any age that has one or more undescended testes.

Dam: A horse's female parent.

Farrier: A blacksmith or horseshoer.

Filly: A female horse, four-years-old or younger.

Foal: A young horse of any sex in its first year of life. When used as a verb (to foal), it means to give birth.

Gait: Movements of the horse at various speeds. The gaits of the horse are the walk, trot, canter, and gallop.

Gelding: A castrated male horse.

Get: A stallion's offspring.

In Foal: Describes a pregnant mare.

Mare: A female horse.

Markings: Identifiable features on a horse such as stars, blazes, and white areas on the legs. Markings should be described by size, shape, and location on the body.

Open: A mare that is not in foal.

Pedigree: A record tracking a horse's ancestry.

Produce: A mare's offspring.

Sire: A horse's male parent.

Sound: Normal and healthy: free from injury or flaw.

Stallion: An uncastrated male horse.

Tack: Equipment such as halters, harness, etc.

Weanling: A foal of any sex in its first calendar year of life, once he or she has been weaned from the dam.

Yearling: A horse of any sex in its second calendar year of life, beginning January 1 of the year following its birth. 


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