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Del's Apache

Year: 1977

Delís Apache was a beautiful black and white stallion that was talented, as well as beautiful!  He was trained with all sorts of circus tricks, by his owner Delmer Moody.  He joined the NFC Miniature Horse Farm stallion roster in his later years and was a successful sire of outstanding show horses, including the following which possess National AMHA Titles. Sire of:

Delís Sleeping Beauty
1986 National Grand Champion Senior Mare
1998 First Place Produce of Dam

LeDanes Apache Debutante
1993 Reserve National Champion Youth 12 & Under Senior Mare

NFCís Apache Kid
1988 National Champion Amateur Senior Stallions
1990 National Grand Champion Senior Stallions
1990 National Champion Senior Stallions Over 30" to 32"

NFCís Crimson Apache
1990 Reserve National Champion Multi-Color Stallions

The  following  appeared the first time in the International Miniature Horse Registry Special Edition Directory around 1980.  The author is unlisted.

Delmer Moody & His Trick Miniature Horse, "Apache"

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to be able to attend the 3rd Annual Championship International Miniature Horse Show, you really missed a superb performance by a very highly trained miniature horse, "Apache".  Delmer and his beautiful black and white pinto stallion performed at the start of the show.  It was a great display of talent and hard work.  In addition, it gave the public some idea of how truly intelligent the miniature horse is and how much fun they can be.

Apache can perform an array of tricks - in fact, he can do just about anything.  He sits, lays down, rears, and even bows.  Everything performed without even the slightest effort.  Delmer has Apache well trained.

Apache looked adorable in his little red show harness as he continued to entertain the audience; his tricks becoming more difficult, Apache showed how easily he could jump a fence and then displayed his talent for balancing by performing on a platform balanced on a fulcrum.  A trick that would appear to take considerable training.  Apache would begin walking up the platform, pause at the center, then as his weight caused the platform to shift down, he would calmly walk down the other side.  The crowd really loved this part of his performance.  And, to their delite, Apache repeated this trick more than once.

One could tell from Apache's prancing and the way he tossed his head, that he was enjoying his audience.  Miniature horses do seem to enjoy performing for people.

Delmer says he has other miniatures that are trained.  If you would like information on how to teach your miniature tricks, I'm sure Delmer would welcome your calls or letters.


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